Your Career

Your journey at ING U.S. begins with a philosophy. Simply put, you provide the talent and drive, and ING U.S. provides the opportunity and encouragement. You invest in us and we invest in you.

How do you start on that journey? Through our Talent Management Cycle. It is a continuous process and a clear path to your success at ING U.S.

The cycle begins with Leadership Competencies, our model for the critical behaviors that create success. Everywhere, every day, ING U.S. leaders demonstrate their competency in five key areas, listed below. This model is the roadmap of the entire talent management journey.

Now it’s time to get the journey started. And enjoy the ride.

ING U.S. Leadership Competencies

Living our values:

Demonstrate integrity:

  • Is honest and respectful in interactions.
  • Balances the best interest of key stakeholders.
  • Maintains confidentiality.

Leading change:

Build a strong organization:

  • Connects business unit/function to ING’s strategy.
  • Develops skills necessary for team to reach goals.
  • Attracts and retains top talent.

Create and lead change:

  • Reassesses, challenges and innovates.
  • Cascades vision, business case and plan for change.
  • Encourages and incorporates new ideas.

Driving execution:

Deliver results:

  • Recognizes and addresses urgent issues quickly.
  • Devotes time to issues based on their impact.
  • Allocates resources to achieve results.

Excel at execution:

  • Puts in extra effort to meet agreed deadlines and commitments.
  • Responds effectively to unexpected problems.

Lead with passion and clarity:

  • Clearly communicates and listens.
  • Motivates others to exceed expectations.
  • Treats others fairly and equitably.

Building and sharing talent:

Develop people and self:

  • Ensures each team member has a development plan.
  • Creates opportunities for top performers.
  • Actively manages below-average performers.
  • Provides timely, specific feedback and coaching.

Work as one company:

  • Fosters effective teamwork.
  • Builds network across the organization.

Promoting our customers:

Focus on the customer:

  • Understands and shapes customer expectations.
  • Seeks customer feedback and adapts.
  • Builds long-term customer relationships.

Talent Management

Career development is a strong focus of the talent management activities within ING U.S. We have a commitment to posting all of our openings internally and encourage career growth among our talent base. Our goal is for our employees to have a long-term career with ING U.S., pursuing a variety of interests, whether on a leadership, professional or technical career path.

Our human resources advisors and talent managers are available to discuss career options and opportunities with our employees and to assist in setting career paths and development plans that will result in good career movement and growth. We are a company of many business units, offering a broad range of career opportunities. We encourage cross-business, cross-functional and cross-geographical moves, including international assignments, as a great way to enhance skills and to provide continuous learning.