Adam Taylor

John Overton High School
Nashville, TN

Project Description:

Taylor’s innovative program, “Science in Two Languages”, was developed to help English Language Learners (ELL) comprehend more than basic conversational English. The goal of the project is to help students at John Overton High School improve both their knowledge of science content and English skills by recording videos of science concepts in their native language. The program will be broken down into first building a database of videos and then using the database to achieve the goals of the program. Through the program, teachers will identify students who are able to grasp the science concept and work with them to develop short lessons about that concept with that student. The student will then video record the lesson in their native language and edit and re-record the lessons after they have been downloaded to netbook computers. Once the lessons are ready to be viewed, they will be archived on a video storage website and shared with other students. With the funds from the ING grant, Taylor, who lives in Dickson, will purchase items including netbooks, FlipVideo, and video editing software to implement the project at the school.