Adriana Northcutt

Thunder Mountain High School
Juneau, AK

Project Description:

Northcutt’s winning program, “Engaging Digital Natives,” is designed to create virtual science labs and move educational technology up a rung towards the more popular social and gaming technology with which most familiar to students. The program will integrate digital inquiry-based science labs, online note-taking and provide daily opportunities for students to incorporate technology into their learning process. Success will be defined as the students’ abilities to use technology to improve their learning of science curriculum and note- taking strategies. Through incorporating technology like Apple iPads, students will gain the skills they need to increase achievements through meaningful virtual labs. The students will be engaged in modes of technology they are predisposed to and will be able to take the needed skill into the work force, benefiting the community as a whole. Other science teachers and all of the students will be trained on how to navigate the technology and use it for different curricula. Northcutt lives in Juneau.