Adrienne Bynum

Fort Mill High School
Fort Mill, SC

Project Description:

Bynum’s winning project, “Set it to Music,” takes an innovative “for-students-by-students” approach to learning, using music and poetry. Studies show that many students are able to better retain information that is embedded in music. Bynum’s project will assist students in learning content material in math, science, history and other subjects. Students will collaborate to create original, lyrical poems that will feature educational content covering various topics and subjects. Students will use mnemonic devices to learn and retain information needed to excel in class. All text will be accompanied by an audio CD of Fort Mill High students performing the poems. As a result, students will be able to demonstrate mastery in the study of poetry, through cooperative learning and cross-curriculum study. At the culmination of the project, students will compile and publish the collection of songs and poems in a book that will be made readily available to any teacher in the Fort Mill School District. Students participating in the project will strengthen their creative writing and editing skills. They will also get a better understanding of copyrights and the publication process. Bynum resides in Fort Mill.