Ali Meyers

Evergreen High School
Evergreen, CO

Project Description:

“Creating a Healthy Lifestyle” is Meyers’ creative program idea designed to help students realize the importance of eating right, exercising, and keeping a consistent sleep pattern. The program mixes science and health in a long-term experiment that documents students’ activity, sleep patterns, and diet. Utilizing the Jawbone Up bracelet, along with iPhone and iPad apps, students will document their activities and diet for a week. During that week, they will initially get baseline data such as height, weight, activity level, typical caloric intake, sleep patterns, and overall health. After they analyze the initial data, they will use that information to create goals to improve their activity levels, diet, and sleep patterns. They will then use the Jawbone Up for two more weeks, analyzing and comparing their baseline data to the new data to determine if they achieved their goals or if they need to make additional changes to their diet, sleep pattern or daily activity levels. By using this fun, interactive way for students to collect personal health data, Meyers, who lives in Golden, hopes their engagement level increases and their learning is enhanced.