Amy Allen

Clarkston High School/CSMTech Academy
Clarkston, MI

Project Description:

“Portable Paperless Classroom for the 21st Century Learner” is Allen’s winning project that not only eliminates the need for paper homework, it will change the way she structures her class’ interaction with each other and with her. Through the introduction and integration of technology purchased with the ING grant, and a new teaching method, students’ mathematical learning and engagement will be enhanced. The Apple iPad will become the platform of student learning for more than 220 students in the ninth through 12th grades at Clarkston High School/CSMTech Academy, allowing them to have 24-hour access to their learning. Equally significant, teaching will take a 180 degree turn. The lesson will become the homework and the homework will become the lesson. Lessons and multiple step-by-step examples will be pre-recorded and posted on her classroom website for students to view at home, giving them the opportunity to learn in a way that best fits them – note taking, visually or orally. They will also be able to pause and rewind their learning when needed. Students will record what questions they have in a discussion forum and get their answers during class through dialog with the teacher. Then they will get their assignments which will be digitally completed during the remainder of the class, giving students a chance to help each other and giving Allen a chance to work with students individually as needed. Allen lives in Waterford.