Amy Broman

Seneca Valley Middle School
Harmony, PA

Project Description:

Broman’s winning project, “Community of Writers,” prepares students to thrive in a competitive world that is rapidly integrating digital media. The goal of the project is to create a technology based writing class that will cultivate a “Community of Writers”. Students will be immersed in a virtual and digital writing community that emphasizes 21st century learning skills such as creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, adaptability, initiative, accountability and leadership. Groups will use netbooks to write stories and embed audio to accompany a movie trailer of their story using an Apple iPad. Students will post their stories on the Internet for peer editing. Members of the “Community of Writers” will learn to communicate thoughts and ideas by using iPads to collaborate, create and present media rich marketing campaigns. The students will document and disseminate salient adolescent issues within the school and community, learning that writing is a recursive, creative expression of personal interests and thoughts that can be conveyed through print and digital media. Broman, who lives in Karns City, hopes providing students with regular opportunities to write, receive feedback, revise and publish will encourage the growth and development of students’ unique, individual writing styles.