Amy Lintner

Ancillae-Assumpta Academy
Wyncote, PA

Project Description:

Lintner’s winning program idea, “4 I’s on Local History: Imagine, Investigate, Integrate, Inspire”, will help her students make a connection between the area where the students go to school and the history they study. Through the program, they will be asked to answer why the preservation of a local historical site is important.  They will explore historic locations from a number of perspectives, working with local experts to understand the local environment. The students will be exposed to historical procedures and techniques by examining primary source materials pertaining to locations important to Cheltenham Township’s history. As they visit historical places of significance, students will identify elements of the buildings’ structure including the architecture and purpose. They will investigate the history of the property including who built it and why and research any events that took place at the site which are significant to local history. Apple iPads will be used to take notes, record their interviews with the local expert and take video and photographs while at the site. They will then create documentaries using Apple’s iMovie software that showcase why the preservation of local sites is important to the history of Cheltenham Township. Lintner lives in Meadowbrook.