Amy Spurgeon

Ider School
Ider, AL

Project Description:

Spurgeon’s winning program idea, “I-Learn with iPad”, will incorporate the use of Apple iPad tablets to students served in the Special Needs Center. They will be used to engage students and increase their understanding of concepts and prepare them for a technology-infused world. Because some students have dexterity issues in maneuvering and manipulating a keyboard on a computer or laptop, as well as when using pencil and paper, the iPad gives them a proven tool that’s easier to use. Although the tablets will mainly be used as e-readers, other applications will be deployed in such subjects as spelling, math, history, science, music, and art. They also will be used as mini white boards for those students who may have difficulties articulating questions and answers, including those with speech impediments who are outside the Special Needs Center. Spurgeon, who lives in Ider, hopes her program addresses the students in the center with mental and physical challenges to become more autonomous and confident in their communications with other students and faculty.