Andrea Price

Indian Land High School
Indian Land, SC

Project Description:

“Night of Storytelling,” Price’s winning program, was started to focus on artistic expression of family – blending the Indian Land family as well as the biological family. What is unique about this program is that it will not only include the students in art class and their experience, but it will revolve around a blend of age groups. Students will collaborate with the Sun City community, a neighborhood of retired individuals. This collaboration will allow the insights and finished products to include a unique range and depth of perspective as well as experience. Using a graphic organizer, students will brainstorm ideas about family and community. Students will select large, clear and high-contrast personal photos to integrate in to the painting. During the process, they will learn and apply photo transfer techniques. The overall project will have students using acrylic paints, acrylic medium, pencil and permanent marker on canvas paper. At the end, they will write a narrative about the painting, stemming from the photos selected, colors chosen for the conveyed emotion as well as their overall thoughts of family. Students will be given the opportunity to further share their stories through a “Night of Storytelling,” inviting the greater Indian Land community for an evening of presentation of both their paintings as well as their narratives. Price lives in Fort Mill.