Andrea Sturgell

Highland Elementary
Lake Worth, FL

Project Description:

Sturgell’s winning program, “Safe World Mural Project,” aims to transform Highland Elementary into a bright, welcoming and safe place for all students. The project will deliver a much needed infusion of life and color to the hallways of the school. The murals will showcase and celebrate the diversity of the student population. Students will be responsible for generating the ideas as well as sketching and painting portions of the mural. The project offers students a chance for expression through art – a therapy that is often overlooked and underrated. By creating art, students will be able to express emotion which may otherwise be suppressed. The goal of the project is to enrich the students’ learning experiences and foster hope. Art is universal and welcoming; it gives students a chance to discover their own capabilities. The finished murals will showcase the various countries and cultures that make up the Highland student population, using bright and welcoming imagery. Sturgell, who lives in West Palm Beach, hopes he will help create a sense of community on campus.