Angella Barngrover

Plenty Coups High School
Plenty Coups High School , MT

Project Description:

“The Arrow Creek Greenhouse and Garden Restoration” is Barngrover’s innovative project for students at Plenty Coups High School. Students in the Business Professionals of America (BPA) chapter at the school are spearheading the restoration of a greenhouse and adjoining garden spaces that have not been used in years. Their plan is to turn the greenhouse and garden spaces into an outdoor classroom, herbal conservatory, wheelchair accessible learning center, and a wholesome place for the community to gather. For the project, participants will utilize the existing resources to learn skills that may provide enjoyment and sustenance for others. They will restore native plants and herbs to the area which they envision being able to produce and sell in seed packets. By developing an organic produce garden, the students hope to create employment opportunities for themselves, other students, and their families. The garden will operate as a co-operative and the profits will be shared based on time invested.  Barngrover, who lives in Pryor, hopes the program will improve the academic experience for students, engage them within their community through service learning, help them reconnect to their Native-American heritage, and create employment opportunities in the area.