Anne Guess

Smith Middle School
Cypress, TX

Project Description:

“Virtual Choir”, Guess’ winning project idea, incorporates innovative technology to compile a virtual choir performance. Utilizing SkypeTM, Google+ Hangouts, or Apple FaceTime, the virtual choir gives students the chance to be seen, as well as heard in a web-based format. Various groups of students will be given specific parts of a musical selection to perform and instructions and guidance about how their parts fit together.  They also will be required to digitally capture it so that all the parts can be compiled into a virtual choir with the use of the virtual choir program. Although the students learn their music independently, there is the ultimate level of collaboration. The skills they are learning in the classroom, such as proper vocal timbre, posture, vowel formations, tone quality, and breathing, will be assessed through the virtual choir. Guess, who lives in Katy, hopes the program will encourage her students to push their creative boundaries, allowing them to share their talents with countless groups of people digitally and in a positive way.