Antonio Dinkins

Mary Lee Dinkins Higher Learning Academy
Bishopville, SC

Project Description:

"Students of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow Academic Enrichment Program” is Dinkins’ winning afterschool academic enrichment program for disadvantaged and ‘at-risk’ students. Lee County is one of the poorest counties in South Carolina, with the highest teen pregnancy rates, dropout and unemployment rates. It was recently rated as the ‘unhealthiest county’ in the state. The primary goals of the program are to provide safe, fun learning experiences that are supplemental to a child’s normal classroom activities, to foster creativity and to improve students’ critical thinking, reading, language, math, writing and 21st century skills. Additionally, the program is designed to build character and instill dignity and integrity in all of its participants. It will also connect families and establish a stronger sense of community. KidsFit will be incorporated into the curriculum once a week to teach students how to eat healthy and take care of their bodies. Motion-based video games will also be used to provide fun, relevant interactive fitness activities. Students will also have a chance to engage in some video production activities and write articles for a weekly newsletter describing their experience in the program. Each month, students will also spend time with the elderly by visiting nursing homes identified by Lee County Council of Aging. Dinkins lives in Bishopville.