Barbara Havard

St. Martin Gifted Center
Ocean Springs, MS

Project Description:

“Get STEAM-ed Lab” is the name of Havard’s innovative teaching idea. It involves incorporating Art in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) curriculum. The STEAM-ed (STEAM Education) Lab will provide second-through-sixth-grade students an opportunity to become innovative and adaptive thinkers. The lab is designed to promote and instill a sense of local and global awareness and responsibility in environmental and civic issues. It will involve a wide range of interactive assignments that address complex issues such as local and global sustainability, local and global environmental challenges, and human rights. Depending on which activities are chosen, students will be able to develop and use skills such as observation, data collection, and reflecting as well as outdoor learning. Because the lab is portable, teachers may move it from classroom to classroom, including to the outdoor classroom. This allows students to record information while in the local community and natural setting. Havard resides in Pascagoula and hopes the program will harness her students’ curiosity for the natural world and technology.