Beverly Salley

Wurtland Elementary
Wurtland, KY

Project Description:

Salley’s winning project, “3M Learning: Make Mine Mobile – Learning That Is”, is designed to inspire students at Wurtland Elementary to learn science and create an area to complete science experiments. The need for additional classroom space to complete hands-on science activities and the popular book series, The Magic School Bus, helped unearth this project idea. The students will literally travel to other scientific settings to learn. At the conclusion of the project, they will demonstrate knowledge of life, the Earth, physical science concepts, the scientific process through the completion of experiments, and the ability to analyze, and then document findings in a journal. The students will actually take the information from their journals that reflects the knowledge they have gained and write articles for the “3-M” Learning, “Did you Know …” school science magazine. Salley, who lives in Greenup, hopes that through this project funded in part with the ING grant, science becomes ingrained in all subject areas, and through the use of the “3-M” Learning Project, students will see how science is connected to their world on many different levels.