Bradley Bryant

Laurens District 55 High School
Laurens, SC

Project Description:

Bryant’s winning program, “Integrating Digital Art and Design,” was created to integrate technology into an interdisciplinary project to mainly engage graphic design students, but also English, social studies, economic and U.S. history and government students. One of the students will become a mock political candidate, allowing the students to research everything from political logos, slogans, speeches and posters. Graphic design students will create projects that feature the student candidate and campaign materials including posters, bumper stickers and campaign buttons using the existing graphic design software. This will allow all of the students involved the ability to incorporate graphic elements to assignments where they may not have been able to in the past. Additionally, a new digital SLR camera and video camera will be used to record political commercials or scenes from literature. According to Bryant, who lives in Laurens, the program will improve student learning because it will expand their knowledge, cross-curricula. The core content students will gain valuable computer skills, while the graphic design students will gain insights from the core subjects through research. The collaboration with other students will be an added benefit.