Brenda Klawonn

Aurora High School
Aurora, NE

Project Description:

“iWrite iBooks: Student Created History Books,” Klawonn’s winning program, will give ninth-and 10th-grade students in Leaders in American History, along with 11th-grade American History students, the chance to create their very own history book. They will utilize their reading, writing, note-taking, analyzing and synthesizing skills to create the book, which will be supported by interactive multimedia elements including pictures, videos, maps, glossary terms and multiple choice reviews. Klawonn’s program will address many of the Nebraska state standards in social studies and language arts, giving students a chance to enhance their skills as well as create a book on a subject of their choosing that is written to appeal to a variety of learning styles. Ultimately, their interactive book will be designed to read on an Apple iPad, and the process of developing an iBook will afford the students the opportunity to gain technology and critical thinking skills. Once finished, the completed iBooks will be published to the school website or to an iTunes account for students, teachers, parents and others to download to Apple iPads. Klawonn resides in Aurora.