Brian Grigsby

Shasta High School
Redding, CA

Project Description:

Grigsby’s winning program, “Space Science & Engineering (Robotics),” is built around the fundamental understanding of the systems that make up robots and the development of workplace competencies. Grigsby’s program is part of a larger project that is designed to provide all students with opportunities for enhanced learning experiences, preparation for future career decisions, and a realistic view of the world of work. Through the program, students are gaining real-world experience by conducting data analysis using real scientific data from NASA spacecraft. Students will have better insight as to how science and engineering work together to investigate scientific phenomena through the use of robotics. Students who participate in the program are also required to participate in community outreach events teaching younger students about robotics. These students will also have the opportunity to be mentored by local engineers. Grigsby, who lives in Redding, hopes that the program will help prepare students for post-secondary education and encourage them to consider engineering as a possible future career path.