Candace Doerr

Sewell Elementary
Tucson, AZ

Project Description:

“Sting-array App”, Doerr’s creative teaching idea, will allow third-grade students to create a new Apple iPad app that promotes multiplication fact fluency. The digital sting-arrays have a series of dots on their backs, arranged into equal groups. Students will then “tag” their tails with the correct multiplication fact corresponding to the array. For example, a sting-array with two groups of three dots becomes tagged as 2x3=6. Students will collaborate just like real marine biologist research teams. Students will develop information about their sting-arrays, presenting information as an online field guide to function as an educational app. They will then inform the entire school and the world about the Sting-Array app by developing interactive presentations and online promotions. By using iPads, they will access online graphic organizers, showcase pictures of their sting-arrays using graphic art websites, and begin the process of transforming their work into an app using free online application development programs. Doerr, who lives in Tucson, hopes her program further engages students with the use of technology, while embracing their critical thinking skills.