Candi Young

Mohawk Elementary
Bessemer, PA

Project Description:

Young’s winning program, “Grow Some, Give Some,” aims to address economic needs in the community and give students hands-on experience, mathematical calculation practice and social acceptance of meeting the needs of others. Students will use a greenhouse to grow plants, raise butterflies and create biomes for a variety of small creatures. Each grade level will focus on a different part of the animal life development cycle and plant growth process. In the greenhouse, students can use all their senses to experience and learn about life cycles. A hands-on approach helps students grasp a better understanding of the concepts they are learning. Once the greenhouse contents and animals develop, students will work together to sell the plants and critters to the public. The profits of the sale of items will help fund the needs of underprivileged students that attend Mohawk Elementary. What is not sold will be planted around the school to create a nature conservation trail for students and their families. Young, who lives in Darlington, believes the project will give students a sense of pride in their work, as they watch how it benefits others around them.