Carol Lewis

McKee Road Elementary School
Charlotte, NC

Project Description:

Lewis’ winning idea, “The ReadyANIMATOR”, is a project that provides a hands-on learning experience and enhances students’ knowledge of Newton’s Laws. Through the inquiry-based learning program, fifth-grade students at McKee Road Elementary School will research and study forces and motion, participate in problem-solving and creative thinking activities, and work together to create an animated movie. To study Newton’s Three Laws of Motion, the students will conduct various experiments including predicting the outcome of using a metal ruler and a rubber band like a spring, timing the movement of a toy car tied to a string with a washer attached, and exploring falling objects. Once the students have an understanding of Newton’s Laws, they will learn about the ReadyANIMATOR – the equipment, how it works, and how to use it to make an animated movie. The students will work in small groups to determine which of Newton’s Laws they want to film and the materials they need, make props, and develop a storyline and script for their movie. The completed movies will be posted on the school website. Lewis, who lives in Charlotte, hopes the project will provide the students with a strong foundation in science, math, engineering, and technology, and prepare them for the 21st century.