Carolyn Parks, La Donna Leazer, Brian Hansen, Tomas Matos

Business and Economics Academy of Milwaukee
Milwaukee, WI

Project Description:

Parks and her colleagues developed “Click ‘em/An Entrepreneurial Project,” as an economics, personal finance, entrepreneurial-based project that integrates all core subject areas including character education. Students involved in the project begin at the basic Millionaires Club level. They study all aspects of personal finance as well as introductory economics. After completion of the basic level goals, they move on to the entrepreneurial level of the project, “Click ‘Em Photography”. To establish a firm base, all students must study the famous photographer, writer, composer, and director Gordon Parks. The students study Parks because his life and legacy support the integrated curriculum philosophy. The next level involves creating their own business plans and monitoring them. They market their projects and work to improve their brands. These skills result in students being hired for commercial photography assignments as well as many school functions. The students will have an opportunity to give back to their own communities and explore other communities.