Cathy Monroy

Petersen Elementary
Scappoose, OR

Project Description:

Monroy’s winning project, “See the World Through My Eyes,” is a photography project for Title 1 reading students. Students will learn how to use photography to improve their literacy skills. Through the mastery of basic digital camera operations, students will create self-generated text, as well as other reading and writing materials to tell an important story about themselves, their families and their community. Students have the opportunity to learn how to properly use a camera, including how to zoom, use a flash and download pictures. They will view and discuss works by established photographers and use their own photos as focal points for class discussion. Through this project, students will create and explore the writing process using narratives, expository text and captions. Students will take control of the learning process, deciding what topics to focus on. Research shows that when students take a personal investment in the learning process, learning becomes more effective. The students’ final projects will be showcased at a Gallery Night event for their parents and peers to see. Monroy resides in Portland.