Cathy Scullen

Indianola Middle School
Indianola, IA

Project Description:

“Energy Stars”, Scullen’s innovative program idea, is a scientific inquiry project to help students and the community become aware of how they can impact the world around them by looking at their carbon footprint and its possible impact on global climate change. With the ultimate goal of becoming “energy stars”, students will research the global climate change topic, and then create an activity or project that will educate and influence an audience outside the classroom. After researching the subject using Web 2.0 skills, databases and written materials, they will engineer a plan and put it into action by developing informational materials, activities or items promoting energy efficiency, carbon footprint awareness, and any number of other ideas. Completed projects will be placed around schools, homes, and websites and in a number of businesses throughout the community. Scullen, who lives in Indianola, hopes her program will help students and the community make a change in daily habits that will slow down global climate change.