Cheryl Barber

Helena Flats Elementary School
Kalispell, MT

Project Description:

Barber’s winning program, “Touch to Learn,” aims to bring technology into the classroom with the use of Apple iPad technology. Barber has already incorporated the use of Apple iPods into her classroom activities. Students have used the iPods for everything from voice recording, where students record themselves reading and then play it back to listen to their fluency, to calculators, cameras, and Internet access for resource materials and extended learning activities. By having enough devices so that only two students have to share one iPad, students will be able to better use the technology for individual learning. Many of the apps for iPads are free and Barber has already identified what she hopes to use. One unique app that will be utilized is called eClicker. The app allows students to respond to questions and will be used for pre-and post-assessments to provide Barber with information that will allow her to customize learning activities using a student’s current knowledge as a starting point. Barber resides in Kalispell.