Chris Hahn

Central Cass Elementary School
Casselton, ND

Project Description:

Hahn’s winning program idea, “The New Phy. Ed.”, is inspired by the increased obesity rates in North Dakota. As a hybrid of teaching movement skills, nutrition, individual challenges, and technology, “The New Phys. Ed.” initiative can help to create a unique physical education experience accessible to all students, including those with disabilities. Pre-fitness evaluations will be taken using fitness software associated with Apple iPod technology and will give students a profile they can use to monitor their progress throughout the year. The program also will utilize philosophies that encourage students to conquer their fears and go beyond their perceived limitations. The safe and ‘bully-free’ environment also will be extended to the playground and recess activities through directed activities and specialized programs. Lifelong fitness activities will be promoted to all 360 students. Hahn, who lives in Casselton, believes incorporating technology into physical education programs will increase the likelihood of creating students who will live healthier lives.