Clifford Chin

Covenant Day School
Matthews, NC

Project Description:

Chin’s winning project, “The Big Green Fish: Developing Aquaponics for Here and Abroad,” uses aquaponics technology to grow fish and vegetables in a symbiotic system. The purpose of the project is to create a sustainable system to respond to the growing hunger needs of the surrounding community and in Haiti. Students will create this system and then use their knowledge to impact their community. The goal is to eventually be able introduce this sustainable technology to Haiti. The project will follow a typical business model with departments including research and development, facilities operation and maintenance, manufacturing and marketing. Students will participate in an area of interest and will be paired with a professional in the field. The project aims to educate students by providing hands-on experience in an area that interests them, instilling a passion for service and responding to the growing hunger needs in the community and in Haiti. Chin, who lives in Monroe, hopes the project teaches students about empathy and helps to develop his students’ leadership and networking skills.