Dante Quercio

Forest Grove Middle School
Worcester, MA

Project Description:

Quercio’s winning program, “S.T.E.M.: Ancient Engineering,” aims to create a new and unique before-school model-building club for students interested in engineering. Students will work collaboratively to choose historical buildings they want to replicate. Using Apple iPad2 technology to examine blueprints, students will work in groups to construct their buildings using cardstock, scissors, rulers, glue and tape. Students will then use Apple iPad2 technology to design their own original buildings, which they will construct using cardstock and recycled materials. This project embraces the thematic idea of cross-curricular learning and offers students an opportunity to utilize their problem solving and critical thinking skills. As they work to complete the project, students will see real life applications of technology, math, English, reading, writing, art and historical information. Students will present their final projects in the form of a short documentary. Quercio resides in Jefferson.