David Black

Walden School of Liberal Arts
Provo, UT

Project Description:

Black’s innovative teaching idea, “The STEM-Arts Alliance”, involves collaboration between middle and high school students where they  integrate fine arts and digital media design skills with scientific research (data collection, observation, analysis and  conclusions).They will conduct authentic field studies and analyze science data from online sources such as 3D altitude data of the moon  or Mars. They will produce videos, animations, info graphics, posters, and other products based on their research to share worldwide  through blog sites and YouTube channels. The annual elective program will begin with students learning basic skills in media design and  fine arts. Although they will begin with small projects such as illustrations of famous scientists, they eventually will be involved in  more complex endeavors like videos and 3D animations. Each fine art or digital art project will relate to STEM (science, technology,  engineering or math) fields. The program also includes relevant field trips to mines, refineries, museums and artisan workshops where  they can conduct interviews with experts. Black, who lives in Orem, hopes the students will become interested in starting careers in STEM  fields and enhance their 21st century technology and communications skills.