David Hinrichs, Shannon Jones, Sandy Perkinson, Machelle Rowe, and Ragan Schmidt

Riverwood Middle School
Clayton, NC

Project Description:

The winning program, “Screencasting in the Classroom”, was developed by Hinrichsand his colleagues for students to use Apple iPads to create screencasts. Screencasts are small movies that are recorded directly from the screen of an electronic device. For the project, seventh-grade students at Riverwood Middle School will use a small microphone and software to create screencasts by writing directly on the screen of an iPad. Through the use of the iPads, students will get the opportunity to learn in a relevant, meaningful, and even crucial manner to ensure they are ready to participate in the highly advanced, global society. The iPads will also help students move their learning environment into the 21st century. Once the movies have been produced, they will be posted online which will allow participants to share their screencasts with their peers, parents, and the global community via the Internet. With the funds from the ING grant, the teachers will purchase iPads, microphones, and screencasting software programs to implement the project. The goal is to allow students to create resources that make them an active part of learning while providing instruction to others instead of simply receiving it.