Dawn Amin-Arsala, Dr. Lynne Wright, Julie Esanu, and 15 MOSAIC Committee representatives from various disciplines

Oakridge Elementary School
Arlington, VA

Project Description:

“The MOSAIC Experience”, Amin-Arsala and her colleagues’ winning teaching idea, is designed to provide hands-on experiential learning for  the 715 students from more than 50 countries at Oakridge Elementary School to increase their reading skills and inspire lifelong  learning. Each month, the entire school reads a single book portraying a different country, region, or theme and uses it to explore  culture and delve into a reading strategy appropriate for each grade level. Partnerships with local, national and global organizations  will provide experiential learning opportunities for not only the students, but also for the staff and families, all of whom make up the  school community. From workshops to guest speakers to dinners and dialogue, Oakridge’s global community will have an opportunity to  further bond. Activities will encourage higher-order, critical thinking skills to address local and global issues. The program will  promote dialogue and nurture support systems for students, families and communities. Ultimately, it will positively impact student  achievement. The team understands that each student is shaped by personal experiences and culture and that this program is one way to  honor those experiences and cultures.