Debbie Gegg

Legacy Elementary
Bossier City, LA

Project Description:

Gegg’s winning program, “Technology Plus Mathematics Equals Students Success (T+M=S2)”, has the main goals of increasing scores on standardized tests and increasing the mastery of early math skills for elementary students. Although the academic deficiencies of the students at Legacy Elementary are not extreme, including innovative teaching methods is paramount to maintaining and building upon existing mathematic skills. With the use of the ING grant, Gegg will utilize a mobile technology math lab and incorporate research-based math software along with the use of one of the latest technological gadgets, the Apple iPad, to engage students with math. Ultimately, the project aims to build their confidence with the subject and lessen their math-related anxiety as they get older. Gegg also wants to increase their problem solving and critical thinking aptitude. Approximately 400 students in grades kindergarten through second-grade will benefit from this project and gain technology-based individualized instruction. Gegg lives in Benton.