Dianna Isaac-Johnson

Gary Gore Elementary/Northview Elementary
Jennings, MO

Project Description:

The winning project of Isaac-Johnson is the “Sound of Music Science Project” which was developed to provide students with the knowledge and materials required to create musical themed science fair projects. By integrating sound through science, students will gain a greater understanding of sound frequency, pitch, and conduction using the string telephone, tuning fork, and keyboard tone experiments. Utilizing the National Standards as a guide, the overall goal is to have students compare the science of sound as it relates to stringed and percussion instruments. They will begin with a listening lesson using two paper cups attached to a string, and then they will use a tuning fork and measure the frequency waves through a frequency analyzer. More than 350 first through sixth-grade students at Gary Gore Elementary/Northview Elementary will benefit from this project, allowing them hands on testing of sounds as well as helping some with their concentration skills and their ability to create connections in reading to math. Isaac-Johnson resides in Bridgeton.