Dianna Lindsay

Williamsburg Christian Academy
Williamsburg, VA

Project Description:

“Monuments, Memorials, and Museums”, Lindsay’s innovative program idea, will result in a series of 10 original YouTube/TeacherTube videos, which are 10 minutes each. The project also will involve 10 tri-fold, printed PDF brochures, 75 digital quick response (QR) codes, a single focus Twitter page, a DC blog, and five electronic games. Through the use of innovative technology, students will create virtual as well as self-paced tours of the District of Columbia, highlighting individual structures, architectural background, and salient ideas about the monuments, memorials, museums, major exhibits, and/or unique hallmarks of the selected historically significant locations. In preparation for the grant, students researched and selected five major monuments, five minor monuments, eight war memorials, five museums and an overview of tourist attractions for school-age learners. The major locations chosen are: Washington Monument, and the Jefferson, Lincoln, FDR and MLK Memorials. The students will prepare contemporary, factual, research-based documentaries that can be viewed in the classroom or on location in DC. Lindsay lives in Williamsburg.