Eric Gunderson

Roosevelt Elementary School
Janesville, WI

Project Description:

Gunderson’s innovative program, “Funderson”, which was named after the founder, is an extracurricular recreational program for students at Roosevelt Elementary School. The main goal of the program lies in its name: for students to have “fun” through active physical play. For the program, students will be inspired to run, jump, play, laugh, and shout together outdoors and in the gym through the use of running clubs, basketball and flag football games, obstacle courses, capture-the-flag, and other made-up games. Unlike many other organized team sports in the area, the program will be free to all kids. Participants will be able to come before school or after school and all children – both athletes and non-athletes – will be welcomed to join in on the fun. As a result of the program, children are able to interact with teachers and parent volunteers in a more relaxed manner and have the opportunity to meet other students they had not previously met. Gunderson, who lives in Edgerton, hopes the program will round out students’ days with active fun to relieve stress and make them healthier, happier, and more excited to learn.