Eric Songer

Second Place

Prize Awarded:
Chaska Middle School West
Chaska, MN

Project Description:

“The Next Generation of Music” involves transforming music education from how it has been taught the last 100 years and making it relevant, rigorous and interesting for today’s students.  Typical elective music courses will be overhauled into courses where students perform popular music genres like hip hop and electronica, compose music, produce and record music—all while still learning music theory, performance, listening and evaluation skills.  Students will be able to perform on non-traditional instruments, such as turntables and electric guitars; record, produce and engineer music in a real-life recording studio; and compose and write music with the use of the notation software Finale and the recording software, Logic and ProTools.  With the opportunity to create music videos, blog, design websites and they will create their own musical problems to solve.  The students will also work together as a team to compose, perform in small ensembles, record and produce.  Additionally, they will share their music online with parents and other schools.