Erin Brege

Hillman Junior/Senior High School
Hillman, MI

Project Description:

Brege’s winning program, “Hillman High School Broadcasting Class (HHSBC News),” is designed to engage students in authentic learning experiences, create professionalism through production experiences, and teach them new skills and techniques they may not learn in school. Students in the program will learn about broadcasting phases, professional editing techniques and on-camera talent. They will also learn about digital camera functions, audio and lighting selections and how to differentiate between daily news production and documentaries. Once an event is scheduled for the broadcast, the students will handle all of the production details from planning, dressing professionally, recording and editing. The goal is to create realistic scenarios which will help students develop a sense of time and appreciation for others. Brege, who resides in Hillman, hopes the engagement of technology will prepare students to overcome future barriers and reach their educational goals.