Erin Sponaugle

Tomahawk Intermediate School
Hedgesville, WV

Project Description:

“APPsolutely Connected to Another Culture”, Sponaugle’s innovative teaching idea, is designed to empower fifth grade students to learn  about life in another country while reinforcing the nonfiction, vocabulary, writing, and presentation standards in English language arts.  Students will use the Apple iPad mini to explore the culture and language of Germany and how life in the United States compares to life  there. By using the Book Creator app, students will create books for their families and younger students in the school that include  pictures of Germany and other aspects of their research findings. As a direct connection, they will communicate with a classroom in  Germany via Skype using their iPad mini devices. Additionally, through the web tool Edmodo, students from both classrooms, in the United  States and Germany, will be able to collaborate on projects and share information about culture throughout the year. Engaging Apple’s  iMovie app, students will create weekly segments of an “All About Germany” show that will be viewable online to all members of the  community and school. The Apple GarageBand app will be used to record podcasts, and the Comic Life app will allow them to create comic  strips using words and phrases they will learn in German. Sponaugle, who lives in Martinsburg, hopes that by using technology, students  will be motivated to explore the world beyond their small town.