Gala Gates

John Adams High School
Cleveland, OH

Project Description:

Gates’ winning project, “Make Your Case: Podcasting Local History,” uses case studies to engage students in primary and secondary source analysis and to examine history within its local context, using history themes and recurring patterns such as industrialization and immigration. Students will research a local history topic and create a finished digital presentation of the topic. They will collect, organize, evaluate and synthesize information from multiple sources, drawing conclusions and communicating this information using relevant social studies terminology. Students will use multimedia tools to present the information. They will collaborate with the staff of local museums, historical societies, archives, special collections and libraries to formulate their case studies. The key to improving learning in history is to develop students’ historical thinking, a complex and multi-faceted thought process that examines multiple accounts of an event, analyzes sources, comprehends historical context and supports claims with evidence. Through this project, students will develop research skills and will engage in reflective discussion and collaborative learning. Gates resides in Warrensville Heights.