Harry Preston

Second Place

Prize Awarded:
Edmondson Westside High School
Baltimore, MD

Project Description:

"Fully Actuated Simulation Trainer (FAST)” is Preston’s winning project that will create a fully actuated, six degrees of motion simulator. It was inspired by a student who recognized the disparities between their school and another area school that has a flight simulator. Although they were given a flight simulator game for the computer, they claimed the experiences were not the same. The three main functions of Preston’s program are to give underprivileged and underrepresented students a chance to participate in an ongoing design and advanced engineering project, experience a fully actuated flight simulation experience and to help students who suffer from numerous learning, emotional and physical disabilities. Students in carpentry, introduction to engineering, principals of engineering, Air Force Junior ROTC, special education, and life skills classes will all benefit from the program. Although the first generation simulator has been built, it does not meet all of the access needs for those in wheelchairs or with more significant motor skill challenges. With the help of student lead design teams and input from special education instructors and engineering students, soon all students will have access to the same, full experience. Preston, who lives in Baltimore, hopes he and his students can create a FAST simulator that can give 360 degrees of motion on the pitch, roll and yaw.