Heather Davis

Palm Pointe Educational School in Tradition
Port Saint Lucie, FL

Project Description:

“iPads for Education” is Davis’ winning program designed to allow low socio-economic students from Palm Pointe Educational School in Tradition the opportunity to participate in a Summer Distance Learning program. Her course allows students to continue their schooling for six weeks of online learning that focuses on the five components of reading and the new generation math standards. Normally students without a computer at home would not be able to participate. Because of the ING grant, the program offers them access to Apple iPads that contain a collection of iBooks. Additionally, the science modules, math games, and social studies resources will also be available as well as a keyboard that tracks student’s writing, suggests words, corrects spelling and adds punctuation. By having access to this technology, the 18 students in Davis’ class will be eligible to participate in the Technology Club and make learning gains. Davis lives in Port Saint Lucie.