Ines Miranda

Benavidez Elementary School
Houston, TX

Project Description:

Miranda’s innovative program, “Science Explorer Park,” aims to provide an interesting learning opportunity for students in an authentic environment which promotes observation, investigation and hands-on learning in an organic way. The “Science Explorer Park” will contain five Explorer Stations. In the first station students will investigate solar power, including how heat energy is captured via solar panels and used by people to regulate temperature in their homes and prepare food. Students will also discover how solar power helps support plant and animal life. In the second station students will explore reflections, distortions, optical illusions, and visual perceptions using mirrors, color wheels and optical puzzles. In the third station, students will make observations of world weather patterns including temperature, wind direction, rain fall levels, humidity and pressure changes. In the fourth station students will learn about sound and how it travels, as well as how it can be manipulated and controlled with the use of simple devices. Students will also explore the principles of force, momentum, gravity and motion control in the fifth station by using simple movement machines such as spinners, springs and see-saws. Miranda resides in Houston.