Jaime Askvig

Charles Hay World School
Englewood, CO

Project Description:

Askvig’s winning project, “Kids Love Drums,” aims to foster a creative learning environment for students. The sight, sound, power and feel of percussion instruments are tremendous motivators for many students. Having a full drum ensemble accessible to students will allow for an increased number and variety of activities. Because of budget cuts to the Music Education program, students currently have to wait one or two rotations before they get a turn on an instrument. Through this project, students will be educated by using a variety of approaches, including singing, speaking, dancing, playing and improvising. Students will blossom through music as well as develop their auditory, visual, tactile and kinesthetic senses. During music instruction time, drum lessons will be implemented as warm-up and focus activities and as the central theme for teaching a musical concept.  Music education allows the development of impulse control, group work concentration, social engagement, discovering patterns, and independent thinking and mind-body awareness. Askvig resides in Denver.