Janette Radowicz

Salem High School
Salem, NH

Project Description:

The “Wetland Health Project” is the winning program developed by Radowicz for students to learn about the history and importance of wetlands to the United States. Students at Salem High School will use on-site sampling along with microinvertebrate and vegetation metrics to determine the Index of Biological Integrity (IBI) and evaluate the health of the wetlands in their own town. Participants will collect, do an inventory of, and analyze data of the plants and invertebrates as well as the turbidity, temperature, and location of the wetlands. Based on their findings, the students will determine if their local wetlands are in poor, moderate, or excellent condition. They will also learn how pollution and chemical and physical disturbances such as the use of fertilizers, pesticides, business development, and road expansions impact wetlands. After determining the health of their local wetlands, students will discuss what they believe impacted the wetlands and what the community can do to improve them. They will share their ideas and solutions through their local newspapers and at a presentation to the Board of Selectmen in their town. Radowicz, who lives in Salem, hopes the project will impact the entire community’s knowledge and appreciation of their local assets.