Jay Luetkemeyer

Holy Family Cathedral School
Tulsa, OK

Project Description:

“Creating Avid Readers” is the winning program created by Luetkemeyer to improve student learning by providing each child with reading instruction that meets his or her current reading level and encourages them to achieve greater academic success. The first to eighth-grade students at Holy Family Cathedral School will participate in the program that pairs fiction and non-fiction books with audio listening devices, laptop computers, and computer software to help them learn comprehension, phonics, reading fluency, and vocabulary. Based on each student’s reading ability - not grade level - teachers will select books and utilize individual work, small groups, and whole-class activities to help take the students from their current reading abilities to advanced levels. The program will consist of a literacy block with two sessions: the first session will include daily oral reading and word wall activities for the entire class and the second session will partner students based on their learning abilities. Through the project, teachers will monitor the progress of each student and as they master each level, they will advance. Luetkemeyer hopes the program will individualize and differentiate reading instruction, make reading relevant to everyday life, and eliminate barriers between students at different reading levels. He lives in Tulsa.