Jeffrey Batey

Rolling Meadows High School
Rolling Meadows, IL

Project Description:

Batey’s winning project, “Gang Intervention Program”, is designed to effectively reduce gang-related behavior and further enhance school and public safety. By incorporating student/staff mentoring at Rolling Meadows High School along with constructive physical and creative activities, he believes gang-related crime within the school and community will become less frequent and less severe. The program, partially funded with the ING grant, will be optional to students who enjoy physical and creative outlets as well as required in place of long-term suspensions for students who may otherwise be participating in illegal activities while suspended. Participating students will have options including boxing, soccer as well as a music recording program to allow for creative outlets. Students will choose their staff mentors based on similar passions versus being assigned one not of their choosing. This will ensure they are compatible. Their mentor will assist them with life skills such as learning to self advocate and be responsible citizens while also participating in extracurricular activities with one another. They will also be available for mentoring on private issues like coping with family dynamics. Batey lives in Des Plaines.