Jennifer Coffey

Aiken Middle School
Aiken, SC

Project Description:

Coffey’s winning project, “What’s the Alternative?”, was developed to help students demonstrate an understanding of sources of energy, how energy is transferred, and how forms of energy are interrelated. Through the hands-on program, sixth and seventh-grade students will explore ways to conserve energy by using alternative sources of energy. Participants will first learn about, read about, research, and explore the major types of energy – renewable and non-renewable. They will then complete various design activities including a model of an energy-efficient house, solar cars which they will test and race, and circuits using alternative energy sources to explain energy transformations. The students will also create an energy-efficient model of a school building using consumable and recyclable materials and design an alphabet energy booklet. At the end of the project, participants will read the novel, City of Ember and complete activities on how it relates to electrical transformation. Coffey, who lives in Aiken, would like to have a special night for parents to come and see the projects and work of the students. She hopes the students learn how much of an impact energy has on our everyday lives and how they can become more energy-efficient.