Jeremy Stone

Second Place

Prize Awarded:
Common Ground High School
New Haven, CT

Project Description:

Stone's winning "Environmental Ventures" program is designed to influence the students to become the next generation of green entrepreneurs. Students will plan, launch and run more than 10 small businesses that turn produce from Common Ground's urban farm into value-added environmentally-friendly products. While doing so, they will learn valuable skills and concepts including how to lead teams, develop and market a product, create strategic and business plans, speak in public, create budgets and make decisions. They will also create and sell products that conserve the environment and promote healthy lifestyles in urban New Haven. The students will earn real profits, helping to launch more green businesses and support family economic security. A portion of the profits they earn from selling products at Common Grounds' on-site farm stand and city-wide farmers' markets will come back to the students in the form of an end-of-course paycheck based on their contributions and the success of their venture. According to Stone, who lives in Portland, the remaining portion will get re-invested in future environmental ventures, helping to sustain the overall effort.