Jessica Myers

Ripley Primary School
Ripley, TN

Project Description:


Myers’ winning program, “Becoming Active Lifetime Learners (B.A.L.L.),” is a before-school movement program for students with learning or behavior problems at Ripley Primary School. The program was developed to encourage students in physical activity and academics and to teach them that learning and physical activity is a lifetime commitment. It began as a trial program with the belief that movement will help students focus better in class. While students typically arrive at school and sit quietly and still to watch a video before school starts, students participating in the program arrive at school in the morning for 45 minutes of exercise and integrated learning. During this time, they increase their heart rate while practicing sight words, spelling words and math concepts. As a result of the program, teachers have stated their students are more focused and more ready to work during the morning hours. Parents have also expressed an improvement in grades since their children became involved. The program currently includes only 25 students at the school; however, there is the potential for it to reach all students. Myers, who lives in Arlington, hopes the program will help students come to school ready to learn and feel more successful in the classroom.